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petrv: Hi Hive, how ´s Seattle? Jun 27, 2017 23:38:20 GMT
Elwe Thor: didn't find a "presentation" thread so I'm assuming it's just to say "HI" here :) Jun 28, 2017 18:06:59 GMT
Elwe Thor: the same, I bet, as many others here, I'm "in transition" from Asgardia: will try to take a better look or SCP key points in the next days Jun 28, 2017 18:08:32 GMT
guzlomi: Hi petrv, feel free. All ideas are welcome. This is not Asgardia. ;) Jun 28, 2017 19:25:12 GMT
guzlomi: Hi, Elwe Thor. Welcome! There isn't a "presentation" thread, so yes, it's OK to say Hi here and begin to participate! Jun 28, 2017 19:26:37 GMT
zachisajerk: Hey, guys, it's Zach from Asgardian forums and Discord groups. Jun 28, 2017 21:56:57 GMT
zachisajerk: So, when are we colonizing Alpha Centauri? Jun 28, 2017 21:57:18 GMT
guzlomi: This weekend I'm busy, maybe we could arrenge the schedule for a couple of weeks... :P Jun 29, 2017 19:25:40 GMT
bigred: @guzlomi - i can't understand why you wouldn't want to advertise robotic weapons controlled by you floating over everyone's head in space......surely that is the best way to "protect" everyone on earth ;-) Jul 7, 2017 1:09:59 GMT
guzlomi: Hell! I forgot to mention the robotic weapons! P-) Jul 8, 2017 1:25:30 GMT
Mike: (rofl) Jul 9, 2017 11:45:33 GMT
Mike: Wee! Constitution have passed, yet somehow half of Citizens haven't even been on voting page (rofl) Sept 10, 2017 14:26:56 GMT
petrv: Fortunately there is no A-constitution in Space Colony, just Operation Rules... :P Sept 16, 2017 16:22:00 GMT
skieswanne: Hi guys. Is this chatroom still active? Nov 9, 2017 13:11:59 GMT
skieswanne: @guzlomi hi, I don't know if you remember me - I am John Skieswanne. I used to compile suggestions for Asgardia's constitution, until they decided to thoroughly ignore the people's voices. Since then I have become a dissident. Nov 9, 2017 13:14:14 GMT
skieswanne: It is good to meet you again. I must say I am impressed by the forum, pretty cool. Nov 9, 2017 13:15:55 GMT
Mike: Interesting, that Trump said, NASA will focus on Moon currently, and Mars will be put on later. Dec 12, 2017 20:46:41 GMT
guzlomi: Hi, skieswanne, of course I remember you. You're very welcome. Yes, the forum is still active, although not much in the last weeks (too much work), but I will keep it as a place of free exchange of knowledge and free speech... Jan 25, 2018 0:07:06 GMT
guzlomi: Hello to account_disabled and alycassia! You're welcomed too! :) Jan 25, 2018 0:09:30 GMT
Mike: Damn! I have checked Asgardia forum, after few months, and election is in few days. There are almost 700 candidates, and every one of them, have to pay 125$ fee. King will get all money, he have invested, in no time :) Feb 28, 2018 14:21:59 GMT